Ohio Scales 2011

The Ohio Scales were developed through the Ohio State University and adopted with the goal of developing affordable outcome measures with adequate psychometric properties that are easily administered, scored, and interpreted. The result was a two-page set of measures allowing for multiple perspectives that can be completed by youth over 11 years of age, caregivers, and agency workers. This single form tracks problem severity, functioning, hopefulness, satisfaction with behavioral health services, restrictiveness of living environment, school attendance, self-harm attempts, and arrests. This report includes the survey outcomes from three programs at RCS that use these assessments.

RCS administers Ohio Scales at six-month intervals throughout the course of service delivery. All RCS Mental Health programs participate in this process. For purposes of evaluating, only the intake, 6-month and 12-month surveys are included in the report. Aggregate data collected through the Ohio Scales Database is evaluated on an individual client basis and program level. This report represents data collected through FY2009/2010 and shows outcomes on a program level.

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