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Walk in Our Shoes

December 8, 2010

Posted 12-7-2010

Kim Wrenn, Hannah Wrenn, Kelly Kloster and Alison Green stopped by Rebekah Children's Services to drop off new shoes as gifts for children and families who may be in need of a new pair. Hannah and her friends support Kim Wrenn's passion for Young Life, a program that embraces kids and their futures.

Young Life thinks the world of kids. Young Life believes that young people deserve to know what life can hold for them. hannahYoung Life leaders are caring adults who come share hope and lasting friendships with young people. Young Life is also all about fun.

Young Life Leaders are committed to being involved with kids' lives -- from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what's important to them. Our leaders help young people consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future.

Hannah and her friends secured a number of shoes from a recent event they hosted and wondered how they might be able to "pay forward" these wonderful gifts to other members in the community that could really use them.

Thank you Hannah, Kelly, Alison and Kim for thinking of Rebekah Children's Services!

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Planting the Seeds of Life

December 3, 2010

Posted 12-2-2010

By Michele Chandler

Rebekah Children's Services makes  the front page of the San Jose Mercury News.

The article highlights more of the Latina Leadership Program.

Read Thursday, December 2, 2010 edition. 

Walmart of Morgan Hill Surprises RCS

September 15, 2010

 Posted 9-15-10


On Monday, September 13, 2010 the Walmart Supercenter in Morgan Hill surprised Rebekah Children’s Services with a $1000 dollar check to support the programs and services offered to children and families in our surrounding communities. Initially, a friend and loyal customer of Walmart recommended Rebekah Children’s Services as a recipient of their support during a conversation about raising funds for school supplies. Walmart managers and employees became enthusiastic and excited about how to best provide support that would directly benefit children and families in our own community. The need for school supplies had been resolved through an earlier donation.

walmartWalmart was offered information on an upcoming fundraiser scheduled for November 19, 2010. The Festival of Trees fundraiser was a perfect match for Walmart’s desired purpose to help kids and families in our own community. This signature and annual fundraiser is focused on raising money to directly support several programs and services most utilized by children and families in need.

Walmart was genuinely thrilled and interested in learning more about how their support positively impacts the lives of so many people in our community and many, whom are dedicated customers of their store.

To experience such genuine interest and excitement was truly a pleasure. Walmart arrived on the steps of Rebekah Children’s Services with a group of representatives to learn first-hand how their partnership could further reach those in need. At the conclusion of our tour and open discussion about the various programs and services offered through RCS, Walmart presented a check for $1000 in support of Rebekah Children’s Services, as an official sponsor of our upcoming Festival of Trees fundraiser to be held at the Morgan Hill Community & Cultural Center. Thank you Walmart of Morgan Hill.

National Adoption Day

October 19, 2010

Posted 10/18/2010

National Adoption Day is a national day of celebration of adoptive families and an opportunity for courts to open their doors and finalize the adoptions of children from foster care. Since 2000, more than 30,000 children have had their adoptions finalized on National Adoption Day. This year on November 20, families, adoption advocates, policymakers, judges and volunteers will come together and celebrate adoption in communities large and small all across the nation.

Do you have Adoption or Foster Care in mind? Let RCS help make your dreams for a family come true. More on RCS Adoption Program.

For more information on our programs or about foster care and adoption in general, fill out the information request form and one of our social workers will contact you.

Gilroy nonprofit receives prestigious recognition for second time

September 2, 2010



By Staff Report
Posted 9-01-10

Rebekah Children's Services, a local nonprofit with offices in Gilroy, Campbell and Salinas, was recently accredited by an international organization focused on global human services.

The Council on Accreditation, based in New York, N.Y., designates recognition to specific community-care providers who set and meet high-performance standards.

Rebekah Children's Services, which also garnered the accreditation in 2006, provides social, emotional and physical support, along with education and training promoting healing, healthy development and long-term success to more than 3,000 Gilroy schoolchildren annually.

RCS's foster placement and family retention rates range between 82 to 87 percent, according to the group's website.

Accreditation from COA involves detailed analysis of administrative operations and service delivery practices.

As of today, 1,800 public and private organizations are either COA accredited or are in the process of seeking accreditation, according to a statement released by RCS.

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