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Looking Back

April 16, 2013

Recently, Rebekah Children's Services had the privilege of having a very special guest visit; Caroline Monzani.  She is the Great, Great Granddaughter of Mrs. Caroline Hoxett; well known as the Grand President of the Rebekah Assembly in 1900. Monzani, along with her two daughters Emily and Christina, traveled to Gilroy hoping to gain more insight about the person their ancestor had been.

Caroline Amelia Brooks was born the youngest on September 23, 1840 in Painesville, Ohio. At the young age of 19, Caroline married Abial Osborne, and the two immediately began the Gold Rush journey to California in 1859. Traveling the jungles through the Isthmus of Panama, they boarded the ship which would carry them up the California Coast towards the gold panning and mining town of Placerville (Nicknamed Blood and Guts and later Hangtown). Shortly after, Caroline gave birth to her only child, Ada Eliza Osbourne on November 25th, 1860

After Abial’s death, Caroline remarried a handsome baker; Thomas Hoxett. Soon, they moved away from the rough and tumble life of Placerville to the valley town of Gilroy in 1868. Thomas established the first bakery on Monterey Street. They wanted to raise Ada in a better place and once she had grown, she was sent to the newly established Wellesley College for girls. She studied for three years and married a young banker, Christopher Carlson. They both settled in Painesville, Ohio.

Thomas Hoxett retired from the bakery and passed away shortly after. In the years to follow, Caroline took on increased responsibilities and a greater role with the Unity Rebekah Lodge.

Caroline Hoxett is well remembered for donating the 13 acres of land that we are currently located on today. She provided funding to institute the then; Odd Fellows Orphans Home at I.O.O.F and Forest Streets in Gilroy. The establishment was completed in 1897. In 1902, the original wooden orphanage building was severely damaged by the earthquake. Mrs. Hoxett did not hesitate and was the contributor in funding the reconstruction for a much larger, solid, steel reinforced concrete building designed by the late William Weeks. Following completion of the 45,000 square foot building in 1921, she also gifted a bell tower and chimes as she was very dedicated to the orphanage.

Certainly, Hoxett was a determined woman to improve the quality of children and young adult’s lives. She naturally demonstrated her dedication to promote Gilroy’s strength as a town and was a person of strong resolve to keep the Children’s Home. She played remarkably prominent roles fostering town landmarks during an era when conventional protocol at that time for women was to maintain a low profile. Caroline remained ambitious and pursued her true desires. Hoxett lived to be 87 years of age.

 “Though knowing her personally will always be a mystery, she was a woman with good intentions, outwardly focused to giving and to help children and young adults.  She was truly a person of resilience and so inspiring. She was a benefactress!  Children and young adults today are still being given support. That is what endures through time. My family and I will be thinking about this trip for a long time to come.”~Caroline Monzani

Caroline Monzani with her daughters; Emily & Christina visit Rebekah Children's Services in Gilroy.

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Spring has Sprung

April 2, 2013

Spring is here and so is spring vacation. This is a great time for families to recharge, get ready for the rest of the school year, and enjoy some fun activities. There is always something inspiring about springtime and if you and your family are planning on a fun trip or taking it easy at home, here are a few fun activities to do with your kids:

Enjoy a Fun Family Picnic:  What better way to spend a beautiful warm day outside than to go on a fun family picnic? First, you will need to pack a good blanket. A waterproof one will work best if you expect the grass to be a little damp. You will also need a picnic basket to carry the food and utensils. Depending on your family size, you may even consider using extra bags or backpacks to hold everything you will need. Picnics are about ease, so pick up deli finger foods, sandwiches and make your family’s favorite salad to go or you can also add your favorite fruits and veggies with a dip you love. Don’t forget to bring a variety of toys and games, such as kites, Frisbees, softballs and bats so you and your family can interact if there is room to run around. If you are looking for more of a relaxing interaction, Scrabble, chess or card games will do the trick.

Create a Garden:  Kids love to dig in the dirt! Creating garden projects with fast growing seeds and plants, tool sized to children’s hands and surprising things will help your child enjoy the garden. To get them excited, let your child pick out what they will grow. You can guide them to pick quick growing plants and vegetables such as peas, radishes, cucumbers and a variety of flowers. To keep the children interested in tending to their plants, put the garden where they can see it and have them start a garden journal. They can use this to draw or write the progress of their garden. Although children lose patience and make messes, let them take pride in their piece of land this summer.

Outdoor Games: Spring break is a great time for fun, and lots of fun games can be played outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The days are now longer and the temperature is warming up, classic outdoor games like red light, green light, freeze tag and four-square are perfect for kids to play during the break from school. Parents, make this a play date or even a party. Let your kids interact and have fun as much as possible with these classic games as you did when you were young. The best part: They get exercise while having fun!

The More You Read

March 1, 2013

“One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish.” We can all recall our very first encounter with Dr. Seuss. Whether the book was read to us, or when we read it on our own for the very first time. The animation, colors and rhymes were all so appealing that reading it once was never enough. A reading committee from the National Education Association decided that it would be a great idea to do something to get kids more excited about reading. So they came up with the ‘NEA’s Read Across America’ and picked March 2; Dr. Seuss’ Birthday to celebrate it. Fifteen years later, here we are ready to celebrate ‘Read Across America,’ and what better way to celebrate than reading to a child?

Today, a few of the first graders were read aloud to by some of the staff at our onsite non-public school. Sticking to the Dr. Seuss theme, they read “I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!” and “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” Filled with gladness, the children were able to interact through the detailed animation, sounds and rhyming techniques. Practically after every “Can you?” question, the students would chime in with a giggly response of “Moo-moo” and “Hoo-hoo.” It was very amusing!

Children are never too old to have a story read to them. It is where intelligence is formed and the stimulation of interest to read is increased. Reading to older children helps them understand grammar and correct sentence structure. It creates the ability to build, comprehend, produce narrative and have imagination. The best part of it all is that it creates bonding time. Words of encouragement will help children stay involved in reading and parents or guardians can get creative by tying the book theme to other activities. We encourage you to celebrate reading everyday and always. 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

South Valley KidFest Gives Back!

March 7, 2013

South Valley’s KidFest is here once again, and we’re going to be there! Hosted on Saturday, March 9th this special event is providing resources for parents and plenty of exciting activities for the kids to enjoy. Informational booths will be present to help parents find all that they need to make informed decisions about their Children’s futures and well-being. Educational opportunities will be available as well as options for birthday party and family day planning, clubs and organizations that provide a variety of ways for your child to participate in the community.

KidsFest is partnering with us here at Rebekah Children’s Services as a way to give back to the community. We are very excited to have this opportunity and be a part of a wonderful event. Our Culinary Academy is gearing up and baking a special assortment of our most loved cookies & scones! We also will have a variety of information on the services we provide on-site here at Rebekah’s, including applications for our Culinary Academy.

Now, if you’re not familiar with our Culinary Academy, we offer job training in the hospitality and culinary industries. Our students have the opportunity to learn hands-on culinary skills in a commercial kitchen along with developing job-readiness in an environment that prepares them for the demands and responsibilities of adulthood, independent living and the real work world.

Make sure to stop by and visit us at booth #44! KidFest is free to the public and located indoors at the Cochrane Plaza Shopping Center off of Highway 101 & Cochrane Road.  The first 500 families will receive a welcome bag. We look forward to seeing you there!


A Culinary Accomplishment

October 31, 2011

Successful Marketing

Rebekah Children's Services Culinary Academy successfully wrapped up a successful Gilroy Farmer's Market season on October 23, 2011.  Chef Carlos and his two apprentices worked every week to bring fresh baked goods to the Gilroy market, establishing regular customers, many of whom couldn't get enough of the sourdough bread.  As the holidays draw closer, keep them in mind for catering projects that you may have.  

Culinary Featured

Our Culinary Academy was featured in The Californian, check out the article at http://www.thecalifornian.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011110280309.